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Skipping an analysis#

By default, Codacy automatically analyzes a repository whenever you push changes. However, you can override this behavior by adding the tag [ci skip] or [skip ci] anywhere in the subject or body of the commit message.

If you later decide to analyze a skipped commit, you can override any skip tags by reanalyzing the commit.


This feature isn't supported for pull requests.

Example commit message#

$ git log origin/master..HEAD

commit 96121bec2f36b406d694ed4e03126483ad1baad6
Author: Rodrigo Fernandes
Date:   Wed Jan 31 10:01:47 2019 +0000

    Add eslint-plugin-chai-expect version 1.1.1 [ci skip]

When pushed, Codacy won't analyze this commit because of the [ci skip] in the commit message.


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Last modified February 11, 2021