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Copying code patterns between repositories#

Copy tool and pattern configurations in bulk between your repositories to help you bootstrap and standardize the coding standards in your organization.

For example, when adding new repositories on Codacy you can copy the tool and pattern configurations from an existing repository that's already configured, and then tweak and adapt the settings for your new repositories.


Consider the following when using this feature:

  • Tool matching: Codacy only copies settings for tools that are available on both the source and target repositories, and overwrites the existing settings for these tools on the target repository.
  • Toggle status: Codacy copies the enabled or disabled status of the matching tools from the source to the target repository.
  • Configuration files: Codacy copies the UI configuration of all matching tools, even those set to use configuration files. However, the import doesn't include the configuration mode itself.

The following example illustrates the points above:

Source repository Target repository Target repository after import
Source repository Target repository Target repository after import

To copy the tool and pattern configurations from one repository to other repositories:

  1. Open your organization Patterns page.

  2. Follow the instructions to select:

    • The source repository from where to copy the configurations

    • One or more target repositories to apply the configurations

    You can use the language filter to help you find target repositories that use the same language as the source repository that you selected.

    Copying code patterns between repositories

  3. Use the Operation summary to review the changes that will be applied and click Apply changes.

Codacy will use the updated configurations on the next analysis in each target repository.

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Last modified August 17, 2021