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Bitbucket changes

We are making some changes on the 18th Feb 2019 onwards that will cause all existing integrations with Bitbucket to stop working.

What exactly are we doing?

We are reducing the permissions requested when authenticating with Bitbucket.

While we currently ask for all permissions, after this we will no longer require:

  • Write access for Teams
  • Write access for Projects
  • Delete access for Repositories
  • Full access to Wikis, Snippets and Pipelines


Previously, we were using OAuth 1, which forced us to request all permissions. This level of permissions requested to integrate with Bitbucket has been flagged as a concern by several of our users. We have now migrated to OAuth 2, which allows us to reduce the level of permissions required.

What do you need to do if you have Bitbucket repositories?

The original user who set up your Bitbucket integration will need to log in to Codacy to confirm the new permissions. Otherwise, Codacy will no longer be able to detect new Pull Requests, and existing repositories will stop receiving Pull Request status and comments on Bitbucket.

If the original user who set up your Bitbucket integration is not available, someone who has Admin permissions in both Codacy and Bitbucket to re-do the integration in Codacy.

You can login with Bitbucket through

Last update: November 17, 2020