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Enterprise v2.0.338

These updates won’t be available if you are still using Codacy Legacy version. If you want to update Codacy to the newest version please contact us, and we will schedule a call to assist you with the migration. Below is the list of enhancements and bug fixes available with this update.


  • We now Support Git submodules for Bitbucket Stash: These allow you to keep a git repository as a subdirectory within another git repository. They are helpful in maintaining a shared configuration file for your team, which can then be applied to multiple git repositories. Submodules allow you to address two main problems:
    • Shared configuration for an organization while keeping your style guide consistent, versioned, and auditable.
    • Reproducible configuration allowing you to run Codacy with the same analysis parameters locally and in Codacy. 
  • Option to remove projects in Admin view: We’ve added a new button under Project details that removes the viewed project.
  • Updated cppcheck to version v1.84.
  • Updated Bundler Audit to version v0.6.0.
  • Updated SQLint to version v0.1.7
  • Improvement search bar on Admin - Enterprise: Search results are now displayed grouped by organization.
  • View on Codacy - at project list on Organization level: Now the link takes you directly to the admin view of the project.
  • Improved our error messages.  For example, under Open Pull requests, you’ll now get a clearer message as to why there are no pull requests when a project has been added through Git URL.

Bug fixes

  • npm modules are now available for ESLint: when running eslint, you can use the plugins from the configuration file listed here.
  • Wizard - GitURL SSH the key copy button now works as expected.
Last update: March 30, 2020