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Enterprise v2.0.369

Product Enhancements

  • Added new list view of team members under organizations called "People". 
  • Updated ESLint to v5.16.0
  • Updated BundlerAudit to v0.6.1
  • Updated Rubocop to v0.71.0
  • Keeping in line with the Git providers, Codacy will now ignore branches with names longer than 254 characters

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where sometimes a project wasn’t correctly removed from Codacy
  • Fixed bug where sometimes no issues were reported for GO
  • Fixed bug that would stop automatic analysis from starting
  • Fixed bug that was causing pull requests to show an incorrect value for Duplication
  • Fixed bug that was keeping some error messages from being displayed in the app login screen
  • Fixed bug where the Dashboards would not load correctly
  • Fixed UI glitch where an empty space would appear if no on-premise integration is enabled
Last update: April 2, 2020