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Project API

The Codacy API offers specific methods to manipulate repositories. To use these API methods, run local analysis, or send coverage results for your repository, you must use a project API Token generated specifically for your repository. Each project API Token is only valid for one repository.


Never write API Tokens on your configuration files and keep your API Tokens well protected, as they grant owner permissions to your Codacy repositories.

To generate an API token:

  1. Open your repository Settings, tab Integrations, click the button Add integration, and add a Project API integration.

  2. Click the button Settings for the project API integration to copy the new API Token.

    Project API Token

To revoke an API Token, clicking the trash can icon to remove the Project API integration.


You can create multiple Codacy API Tokens. This can be useful to have a more flexible control by revoking only a specific token.

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Last modified November 24, 2020