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Webhook notifications#

Webhook notifications enable Codacy to integrate with a service by sending a POST message to a custom address after analyzing each commit belonging to an active branch. You can set up multiple webhook notifications per repository.

Adding a webhook notification#

To add a webhook notification:

  1. Open your repository Settings, tab Integrations, and click the button Add integration to open a modal window listing integration options.

  2. Click Webhook and scroll to the bottom of the page to access the newly created Webhook settings panel.

    Adding a webhook

  3. Fill in the field with the address of your endpoint and click Save.

    To send a sample payload to the specified endpoint, click the Test button.

    Adding a webhook

Payload format#

Each webhook notification includes a JSON payload with the following fields:

  "commit": {
    "data": {
      "uuid": "4cbf02df84dbcaa44b75a64ed832f7dbff2231dd",
      "urls": {
        "delta": ""
    "results": {
      "fixed_count": 1,
      "new_count": 0

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Last modified February 21, 2023