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This documentation applies to Codacy Self-hosted v7.0.0

For the latest updates and improvements, see the latest Cloud documentation instead.

What are the different grades and how are they calculated?#

1. Overall Grade#

Codacy gives an overall grade to help you better understand the quality of your repository. Grades range from A to F, A being the highest grade.

Note the grading is performed on a branch level, to give a better understanding of the code quality on a branch basis.

2. Category Grades#

Issue classification is as follows:

  • Code Style
  • Compatibility
  • Error Prone
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Unused Code

Every issue impacts the grade of its category. Category grading ranges from 0% - 100%, 100% being the highest grade.

3. File Grades#

File grades range from A to F, A being the highest grade.

Grading every file occurs according to the weighted average of the following categories:

  • issues
  • clones
  • complexity
  • coverage (optional)

4. Grade Calculation#

Codacy calculates grades based on the number of issues for every thousand lines of code (KLOC). Steve McConnell, in his book 'Code Complete,' wrote about average bugs per LOC:

(a) Industry Average: "about 15–50 errors per 1000 lines of delivered code." He further states this is usually representative of code that has some level of structured programming behind it but probably includes a mix of coding techniques.

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Last modified February 11, 2021