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This documentation applies to Codacy Self-hosted v7.0.0

For the latest updates and improvements, see the latest Cloud documentation instead.

Why did Codacy stop commenting on pull requests?#

Different reasons can cause Codacy to stop analyzing and commenting on pull requests, but the most common is that the user who initially enabled the Git provider integration no longer has permissions on the repository or that the SSH key is no longer valid.

To fix this issue and also avoid future disruptions, Codacy recommends that you re-enable the Git provider integration on Codacy using a dedicated service account on your Git provider:

  1. Create a service account on your Git provider exclusively dedicated to integrating Codacy with your repositories.


    The service account must have administrator permissions on the repositories to integrate with Codacy and must not be shared by other systems to ensure that Codacy doesn't hit the API rate limits of the Git provider when using this account.


    Using a dedicated service account also has the advantage of any pull request comments made by Codacy appearing as authored by the service account instead of by a regular organization member. You can name this account "Codacy" and use this Codacy logo as the account picture so that your pull request comments look like the following example:

    Suggest fix comment on GitHub

  2. Log out of both your Git provider and of Codacy.

  3. Log in to Codacy using the new service account.

  4. Open your repository Settings, tab Integrations, and click the trash can icon to remove the existing Git provider integration:

    Removing the old Git provider integration

  5. Re-enable the integration by following the instructions for your Git provider:

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Last modified September 6, 2021