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This documentation applies to Codacy Self-hosted v11.0.0

For the latest updates and improvements, see the latest Cloud documentation instead.

Database migration guide#

Migrating databases between pods is a straightforward process with 3 steps:

  1. Dump the databases to a dump file.
  2. Apply the dump file.
  3. Delete the dump file.

You will have to dump all the following databases:

  1. accounts
  2. analysis
  3. filestore
  4. jobs
  5. metrics
  6. results


The following operations must be executed by a user which has elevated access (SUPERUSER) in the Postgres databases.

Dumping your current data out of a running Postgres#

You will need to know the following:

  • $HOSTNAME - the hostname where the database is located.
  • $DB_USER - the username with privileged access to the database that will perform the dump.
  • $DB - the database that you would like to export.
  • $DB_PASSWORD - the database password.


The following command lets you extract a given database into a dump file:

PGPASSWORD=$DB_PASSWORD pg_dump -h $SRC_HOSTNAME -p $SRC_HOSTPORT -U $DB_USER --clean -Fc $db > /tmp/$db.dump

This will dump the file with the .dump extension into the /tmp folder.

For more information and additional options, please check the official documentation.


To restore a database, you can run a pg_restore command to consume the dump file and replicate the data onto Postgres:

PGPASSWORD=$DB_PASSWORD pg_restore -h $DEST_HOSTNAME -p $DEST_HOSTPORT -U $DB_USER -j 8 -d $db -n public --clean $db.dump

With the custom format from pg_dump (by using -Fc) we can now invoke pg_restore with multiple parallel jobs. This should make the restoration of the databases quicker, depending on which value you provide for the number of parallel jobs to execute. We provide a value of 8 parallel jobs in the example above (-j 8).


If you run into any problems while restoring, make sure that you have the database created in that Postgres instance (e.g. before restoring the jobs database the Postgres instance should have an empty database called jobs created there).

For more information and additional options, please check the official documentation.

Sample script#

Assuming you have the same $DB_USER and $DB_PASSWORD, and that you want to migrate all the databases from the same hostname to the same destination hostname, you could migrate your databases with the following sample script:


declare -a dbs=(accounts analysis filestore jobs metrics results)
for db in ${dbs[@]}
  PGPASSWORD=$DB_PASSWORD pg_dump -h $SRC_HOSTNAME -p $SRC_HOSTPORT -U $DB_USER --clean -Fc $db > /tmp/$db.dump
  PGPASSWORD=$DB_PASSWORD pg_restore -h $DEST_HOSTNAME -p $DEST_HOSTPORT -U $DB_USER -d $db -n public --clean $db.dump

As an example, you could run the script as follows: postgres– 25060 postgres– 25060 super_user secret_password

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Last modified April 14, 2021