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This documentation applies to Codacy Self-hosted v11.0.0

For the latest updates and improvements, see the latest Cloud documentation instead.

Codacy plugin tools#

Codacy uses a system of plugin tools to extend the scope of analyses on your repositories, allowing support for new languages and tools every day.

The Codacy GitHub repositories list the version and extra plugins supported by each plugin tool. You can also submit GitHub issues on these repositories.

Tool name Codacy GitHub repository
aligncheck codacy/codacy-aligncheck
Ameba codacy/codacy-ameba
Bandit codacy/codacy-bandit
Brakeman codacy/codacy-brakeman
bundler-audit codacy/codacy-bundler-audit
Checkstyle codacy/codacy-checkstyle
Checkov codacy/codacy-checkov
Clang-Tidy codacy/codacy-clang-tidy
Codacy Scalameta Pro codacy/codacy-scalameta
Faux Pas codacy/codacy-faux-pas
Gosec codacy/codacy-gosec
dartanalyzer codacy/codacy-dartanalyzer
deadcode codacy/codacy-deadcode
CodeNarc codacy/codacy-codenarc
CoffeeLint codacy/codacy-coffeelint
Cppcheck codacy/codacy-cppcheck
Credo codacy/codacy-credo
CSSLint codacy/codacy-csslint
detekt codacy/codacy-detekt
ESLint codacy/codacy-eslint
Flawfinder codacy/codacy-flawfinder
Revive codacy/codacy-gorevive
Hadolint codacy/codacy-hadolint
Jackson Linter codacy/codacy-jackson-linter
JSHint codacy/codacy-jshint
PHP_CodeSniffer codacy/codacy-codesniffer
PHP Mess Detector codacy/codacy-phpmd
PMD codacy/codacy-pmd
Prospector codacy/codacy-prospector
PSScriptAnalyser codacy/codacy-psscriptanalyzer
Pylint codacy/codacy-pylint
markdownlint codacy/codacy-markdownlint
remark-lint codacy/codacy-remark-lint
Unity Roslyn Analyzers codacy/codacy-roslyn
RuboCop codacy/codacy-rubocop
Scalastyle codacy/codacy-scalastyle
ShellCheck codacy/codacy-shellcheck
SonarC# codacy/codacy-sonar-csharp
SonarVB codacy/codacy-sonar-visual-basic
Spectral codacy/codacy-spectral
SpotBugs codacy/codacy-spotbugs
SQLint codacy/codacy-sqlint
Staticcheck codacy/codacy-staticcheck
Stylelint codacy/codacy-stylelint
SwiftLint codacy/codacy-swiftlint
Tailor codacy/codacy-tailor
TSLint codacy/codacy-tslint
TSQLLint codacy/codacy-tsqllint

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Last modified November 4, 2022