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This documentation applies to Codacy Self-hosted v11.0.0

For the latest updates and improvements, see the latest Cloud documentation instead.

Files page#

The Files page displays the current code quality information for each analyzed file in your active repository branches.

By default, the page lists the files on the main branch of your repository but if you have more than one branch enabled you can use the drop-down list at the top of the page to display files on other branches.

Codacy displays the following code quality metrics for each file, if available:

  • Grade
  • Number of issues
  • Complexity
  • Duplication
  • Code coverage

Codacy displays the files in alphabetical order by default, but you can sort the list by each column to help you identify which files you should improve or refactor next.


You can use the Codacy API to generate reports or obtain code quality metrics for the files in your repositories in a more flexible way.

Files list

Use the search box to filter the list and find specific files:

Finding specific files

File details#

Click on a file to see more detailed analysis information for that file, including statistics on:

  • Size: Lines of code, source lines of code, and commented lines of code
  • Structure: Number of methods and ratio of source lines of code per number of methods
  • Complexity: Complexity and complexity per method
  • Duplication: Number of clones and duplicated lines of code

The button Ignore File allows you to ignore the selected file on future Codacy analysis.

File detail

Depending on the available analysis information for the file, Codacy displays one or more of the following tabs:

  • Issues: Shows all issues in the file. The tab displays the number of issues in the file.

    Toggle between the list and annotated source code views using the icon on the right-hand side. When using the list view, you can use filters to help you find specific issues in the file. Select an issue to see more information about the issue.

    For more information about the available information and filters and for each issue see the Issues page.

    Issues for a file

  • Duplication: Shows all duplicated blocks in the file with links to the clones of each block. The tab displays the number of duplicated blocks in the file.

    Toggle between the list and annotated source code views using the icon on the right-hand side.

    Duplicated blocks for a file

  • Coverage: Shows which lines of code are covered by tests or not. The tab displays the percentage of coverable lines that are covered by tests in the file.

    Coverage information for a file

Why are some files missing?#

The Files page only displays files in your repository that were analyzed by Codacy. This means that some of your files may be missing from the list, for example:

  • You're viewing the incorrect branch

    Not all files may exist in all branches of your repositories. Make sure that you're displaying files for the correct branch.

  • The file might be ignored

    The Files page doesn't display ignored files that aren't meant to be analyzed, including the files that Codacy ignores by default.

  • The file has an extension that is not on the list of supported extensions

    Codacy has a list of file extensions associated with each language. Codacy doesn't analyze or display files with extensions that aren't associated with a language.

  • The file might be too big

    Codacy doesn't analyze or display files that are over a certain size. Read more details for information on how to overcome this limit.

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Last modified July 27, 2022