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Managing your profile

To manage your profile information such as your name and avatar, click on your avatar on the top right-hand corner and select Your account.

Managing your profile

Changing your name or username

To change your name or username, update the fields Name or Username and click the button Update profile.

Changing your avatar

To change your avatar, sign up or login at Gravatar using the same email address that you used to log into Codacy. The avatar that you define there will be automatically used as your avatar on Codacy.


Organization avatars are not editable at the moment.

Deleting your account

When you delete your account on Codacy, your profile and information about your personal repositories will be completely removed from Codacy.

If you are the last user with administrator permissions on any of your organizations, you must either add someone else as administrator or delete those organizations before you can delete your account.

To delete your account, click the button Delete account and confirm that you really want to proceed.

Last update: September 30, 2020