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Collecting logs for Support#

To help troubleshoot issues, obtain the logs from your Codacy Self-hosted instance and send them to Codacy's Support:

  1. Run the following command on a machine with network access to the Codacy cluster, replacing <namespace> with the namespace in which Codacy was installed:

    bash <(curl -fsSL \
        -n <namespace>

    This will download the logs of the last 7 days as an archive file with the name codacy_logs_<timestamp>.zip.


    You can also download the script to run it manually.

  2. Send the compressed logs to Codacy's support team at for analysis.


    If the file is too big, please upload the file to either a cloud storage service such as Google Drive or to a file transfer service such as WeTransfer and send us the link to the file instead.

    Alternatively, to reduce the size of the compressed archive file, retrieve logs for a smaller number of days by replacing <days> with a number between 1 and 7:

    bash <(curl -fsSL \
        -n <namespace> -d <days>

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Last modified April 14, 2021