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Follow the instructions below to set up Codacy to send emails using your SMTP server:

  1. Edit the file values-production.yaml that you used to install Codacy.

  2. Set "true" and define the remaining values with the credentials for your SMTP server:

      enabled: "true"
      replyTo: "" # Reply-to field on sent emails
        protocol: "smtp" # SMTP protocol to use, either smtps or smtp
        hostname: "" # Hostname of your SMTP server
        # username: "" # Optional username to authenticate on your SMTP server
        # password: "" # Optional password to authenticate on your SMTP server
        # port: 25 # Optional port of your SMTP server, the default is 25
  3. Apply the new configuration by performing a Helm upgrade. To do so execute the command used to install Codacy:


    If you are using MicroK8s you must use the file values-microk8s.yaml together with the file values-production.yaml.

    To do this, uncomment the last line before running the helm upgrade command below.

    helm upgrade (...options used to install Codacy...) \
                 --version 2.1.1 \
                 --values values-production.yaml \
                 # --values values-microk8s.yaml

After this is done you will be able to:

  • Invite new users via email
  • Receive commit and pull request email notifications
Last update: September 29, 2020