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Supported languages and tools

For each supported programming language, Codacy generally provides Static Analysis, Code Duplication, Code Complexity, and Test Coverage.

The table below lists all programming languages currently supported by Codacy and the corresponding tools that Codacy uses to analyze your source code. For Test Coverage, see the coverage report formats that Codacy supports.

Language Static Analysis Duplication Complexity
Apex PMD - -
C Clang-Tidy*, Cppcheck, Flawfinder PMD CPD -
C# SonarC# PMD CPD SonarC#
C++ Clang-Tidy*, Cppcheck, Flawfinder PMD CPD -
CoffeeScript Coffeelint - -
Crystal Ameba - -
CSS CSSLint, Stylelint - -
Dockerfile Hadolint - -
Elixir Credo - -
Go Gosec*, Revive, Staticcheck* PMD CPD Gocyclo
Groovy CodeNarc - -
Java Checkstyle, PMD, SpotBugs* PMD CPD PMD
JavaScript ESLint, JSHint, PMD PMD CPD ESLint
JSON ESLint, Jackson Linter - -
Kotlin Detekt jscpd Detekt
Less Stylelint - -
Markdown RemarkLint - -
PHP PHP Code Sniffer, PHP Mess Detector PHPCPD PHP Depend
PostgreSQL SQLint - -
PowerShell PSScriptAnalyser - -
Python Bandit, Prospector, Pylint PMD CPD Radon
Ruby Brakeman, Bundler Audit, Rubocop Flay Rubocop
Sass Stylelint - -
Scala Scalameta, Scalastyle, SpotBugs* PMD CPD Scalastyle, Scala 2 compiler and standard library
Shell ShellCheck - -
Swift SwiftLint, Tailor PMD CPD -
Transact-SQL TSQLLint - -
TypeScript ESLint, TSLint jscpd ESLint
Velocity PMD - -
Visual Basic SonarVB - -
Visualforce PMD - -

*: Supported as client-side tools.

Codacy also uses cloc to calculate the source lines of code for all supported languages.

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Last update: November 16, 2020