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Upgrading Codacy#

To upgrade Codacy Self-hosted to the latest stable version:

  1. Check the release notes for all Codacy Self-hosted versions between your current version and the most recent version for breaking changes and follow the instructions provided carefully.


    Failing to follow the steps to deal with breaking changes can cause the upgrade to fail or cause problems while Codacy is running.


    To see the version of your Codacy Self-hosted instance click your avatar on the top right-hand corner of any Codacy page:

    Obtaining the Codacy Self-hosted version

  2. Store all your currently defined configuration values in a file:

    helm get values codacy \
                    --namespace codacy \
                    --output yaml > codacy.yaml


    If you installed Codacy on a Kubernetes namespace different from codacy, make sure that you adjust the namespace when executing the commands in this page.

  3. Review the values stored in the file codacy.yaml, making any changes if necessary.

  4. Perform the upgrade using the values stored in the file:

    helm repo update
    helm upgrade codacy codacy-stable/codacy \
                 --version 4.4.0 \
                 --namespace codacy \
                 --values codacy.yaml

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Last modified June 2, 2021