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Why can't I see my organization?#

If you can't add your organization to Codacy because it doesn't appear on the Organizations page, please try re-adding your Git provider by clicking Add provider on the Organizations page:

Refreshing the list of organizations

If you still can't see your organization on Codacy, follow the steps below to check if the issue is solved:

  1. Re-add your Git provider by clicking Add provider on the Organizations page.

  2. Make sure that you have access to the organization on the Git provider using the account that you used to log in on Codacy.

  3. If you're using GitHub install and authorize Codacy on your organization.

  4. Revoke Codacy's OAuth integration with your Git provider and log in again to Codacy.

    Revoking Codacy's OAuth integration

If these steps don't solve the issue, please contact us at

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Last modified March 1, 2024