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Obtaining code quality metrics for files#

To obtain the code quality information for your files in a flexible way, use the Codacy API endpoint listFiles.

For example, if you're managing your source code using a monorepo strategy you may want to generate separate code quality reports for the subset of files that belong to each component or project in your repository.

Example: Obtaining code quality metrics for a subdirectory of your repository#

This example exports the grade, total issues, complexity, coverage, and duplication in CSV format for all files in the directory src/router of the GitHub repository codacy/website.

The example script:

  1. Defines an account API token.
  2. Calls the Codacy API endpoint to retrieve the code quality metrics, filtering the results by files that include src/router/ in the path.
  3. Uses jq to select only the necessary data fields and convert the results to the CSV format.
export CODACY_API_TOKEN="<your account API token>"

curl -X GET "" \
     -H "api-token: $CODACY_API_TOKEN" \
| jq -r ".data[] | [.path, .gradeLetter, .totalIssues, .complexity, .coverage, .duplication] | @csv"




For the sake of simplicity, the example doesn't consider paginated results obtained from the Codacy API. Learn how to use pagination to ensure that you obtain all the results returned by the API.

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Last modified June 17, 2021