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Organization Jira integration for Security and risk management#

This integration is only available for Jira Cloud

Integrate Jira with Security and risk management to import your Jira issues and manage them all in one place as security items.

Installing the Jira integration#

To install the Jira integration:

  1. On Jira, add the label security (case-insensitive) to the issues you wish to import and confirm that they use the right Jira priorities to correctly map to item severities.


    Add the security label as a default to all new Jira issues that track security-related work in your organization.

  2. Open your organization Integrations, page Jira, and click Install Jira to proceed to Atlassian's website.


    Use a Jira account with admin permissions when installing this integration. This lets Codacy access all issues, since the integration inherits the permissions of the account that installs it.

    Security and risk management Jira integration installation

  3. On Atlassian's website, authorize Codacy. Once successful, you're redirected back to Codacy.

After installing, Codacy imports all open Jira issues labeled security and created up to 90 days before the integration and then retrieves updates from Jira once a day.

For more information on how this integration works, see how Codacy manages security items and how Codacy assigns security item severities.

Uninstalling the Jira integration#

To uninstall the Jira integration, open your organization Integrations, page Jira, then click Uninstall Jira and confirm.


Uninstalling the Jira integration as described above deletes all associated open items. You can alternatively uninstall the Jira integration on the Jira website: this doesn't delete anything, but it prevents Codacy from opening new Jira-related items.

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Last modified March 27, 2024