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Adding ESLint 8 as a supported tool March 31, 2022#

On March 31, 2022 Codacy is adding ESLint 8 as a new supported tool and deprecating ESLint 7:

  • ESLint 8 will be enabled by default on new repositories and Codacy recommends that you migrate to this version of the tool to benefit from the new features and fixes of ESLint

  • ESLint 7 will still be available but Codacy will stop providing updates for this version of the tool, and will remove it completely on April 4, 2023

See this post on the Codacy Community for more details on this update.

Migrating your configuration files to use ESLint 8#

ESLint 8 introduces breaking changes that may affect the analysis of your repositories.

If you're using an ESLint configuration file with the parser babel-eslint you must update your configuration file before enabling ESLint 8 on Codacy:

  • The babel-eslint parser was deprecated on February 26, 2020 in favor of @babel/eslint-parser and removed in ESLint 8. @babel/eslint-parser has stricter requirements compared to its predecessor. If you're using babel-eslint you must update it and relax the requirements:

    -  parser: "babel-eslint",
    +  parser: "@babel/eslint-parser",
    +  parserOptions: {
    +    requireConfigFile: false,
    +  },
  • Additionally, if you have .jsx files in your repository you must select the Babel React preset:

      parser: "@babel/eslint-parser",
      parserOptions: {
        requireConfigFile: false,
    +    babelOptions: {
    +      presets: ["@babel/preset-react"],
    +    },

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Last modified July 13, 2022