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How long does it take for my repository to be analyzed?#

Codacy usually takes under 5 minutes to analyze your repository. It may however take longer, depending on a number of factors:

  • Whether it's the initial analysis of your repository

    The initial analysis examines all files in the repository, while each subsequent commit triggers an analysis only on files changed in that commit.

  • Whether tool configurations have been updated

    Updates to tool configurations trigger a reanalysis of all files in the repository on the next commit and may impact analysis duration.

  • The size of your repository

    To speed up the analysis, ignore any files and directories that aren't relevant to your project, such as generated code or any third-party libraries included in your repositories.

  • The time it takes your Git provider to trigger the analysis

    Codacy relies on post-commit hooks sent by your Git provider to trigger the analysis after each push to the repository, so if your analysis is taking a lot of time to start check that the Post-Commit Hook integration for your repository is enabled.

  • The priority of your analysis request and the current load on Codacy's servers

    Open-source projects have lower priority in the Codacy analysis queues.

  • Whether Codacy or your Git provider is currently experiencing issues or outages

    Check the Codacy status page and the status page of your Git provider (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket) to see if there is any ongoing incident that could delay the analysis.

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Last modified January 26, 2023