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Cloud November 16, 2018#

Product enhancements#

We now support PowerShell language using PSScriptAnalyzer.

Created default patterns for Flawfinder.

  • Now when you add a project to Codacy, Flawfinder will run by default.

We updated the following tools to newer versions:

  • RuboCop to v0.60.0
  • ESLint to v5.8.0
  • ESLint plugin airbnb-eslint-config to v17.1.0
  • ESLint plugin babel-eslint to v10.0.1
  • ESLint plugin-jsx-a11y to v.6.1.2

  • And added the following new plugins for ESLint:

    • eslint-config-standard-react
    • .prettierrc.js extension
    • prodigy eslint profile

Bug fixes#

  • Fixed a bug in which the GitHub login button was trying to use Bitbucket credentials and vice versa.
  • Fixed a bug that was adding projects from a deleted organization to an organization admin. Now all projects associated with a deleted organization will also be permanently deleted


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