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Codacy now supports GitHub Apps February 2020#

We're changing the way you authenticate to Codacy with GitHub: Starting February 2020, when you sign in, you'll be prompted to use GitHub Apps.

GitHub Apps are the new preferred way of building products that work with GitHub repositories. Unlike right now, where you must grant access to everything in your account, with Apps you'll be able to select which accounts, organizations, and repositories Codacy has access to. You can also grant access to more later. If you previously wanted to grant access to only one of your organizations or only a specific repository, Apps will have you covered.

Using Apps also unlocks access to new APIs, like GitHub Checks for creating better pull request reviews.

Installing the Codacy GitHub app

To migrate to Apps all you have to do is sign out, sign in to Codacy and follow the wizard requesting the new permissions. Existing integrations will continue to work.


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Last modified August 27, 2021