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Uninstalling Codacy#

To ensure a clean removal you should uninstall Codacy Self-hosted before destroying the cluster.

To do so run:

helm -n codacy uninstall codacy
kubectl -n codacy delete --all pod &
kubectl -n codacy delete --all pvc &
kubectl -n codacy delete --all job &
sleep 5
kubectl -n codacy patch pvc -p '{"metadata":{"finalizers":null}}' $(kubectl -n codacy get pvc -o jsonpath='{.items[*]}')
sleep 5
kubectl -n codacy delete pod $(kubectl -n codacy get pod -o jsonpath='{.items[*]}') --force --grace-period=0
kubectl -n codacy get pod &
kubectl -n codacy get pvc &
kubectl -n codacy get job &

Note that the deletion of pvcs in the above command has to run in the background due to a cyclic dependency in one of the components. If you're unsure of the effects of these commands please run each of the bash subcommands and validate their output:

echo "PVCs to delete:"
kubectl get pvc -n codacy -o jsonpath='{.items[*]}'
echo "PODS to delete:"
kubectl get pods -n codacy -o jsonpath='{.items[*]}'

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Last modified April 14, 2021