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Does Codacy place limits on the code analysis?#

Codacy uses limits when performing the analysis of your repositories to ensure good performance levels and avoid degradation of service during peak load.

The following table describes these limits and includes links to more information and workarounds, if available:

Limit Value Rationale
File size 150 KB Large source code files are typically generated by or dependent on a third-party, and could significantly delay the analysis.

See Why is my file over 150 KB missing?
File size for coverage reports 10 MB Codacy doesn't parse code coverage reports that are over the file size limit.

See JsonParseException while uploading coverage data
Number of files for duplication 5000 Some tools fail to calculate duplication or time out when analyzing a number of files above this number.

See Why aren't duplication metrics being calculated?
Number of issues per file and per tool 50 Codacy limits the number of issues returned on each file by individual tools as a safeguard against degradation of performance on large or unexpected use cases. This means that in some situations Codacy could report more issues after a push that includes fixes for the currently reported issues.
Number of comments on the Git provider 25 Codacy limits the number of comments for reporting found issues on pull requests to avoid triggering too many notification emails and to guard against hitting API rate limits.

If you believe that you may have hit any of these limits and need help to overcome them, please contact us at


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Last modified August 27, 2021