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Removal of Jira, Slack, and Webhooks repository integrations November 13, 2023#

On the week of November 13th 2023 we removed the option to create, configure, and delete Jira, Slack, and Webhooks integrations for your repositories. These integrations were available on the repository Settings, tab Integration.

Your existing integrations will keep working until the end of 2023. However, you can no longer configure or delete them on the Codacy app.

Due to their limited adoption, these integrations haven't been maintained for some time and have started impacting the delivery of new features. Although there's no plan to make these integrations available again, we're open to looking into them upon feedback.

Removal of existing integrations#

We're planning to remove the existing Jira, Slack, and Webhooks repository integrations from the Codacy app by the end of 2023. By this time, your existing integrations will stop working and we'll delete all related data, including authentication data.

If you are using Jira, Slack, or Webhooks repository integrations#

If you have critical workflows relying on these integrations, please contact us at so we can advise on the best alternative.

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Last modified November 29, 2023