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Cloud September 2023#

These release notes are for the Codacy Cloud updates during September 2023.

📢 Visit the Codacy roadmap and let us know your feedback on both new and planned product updates!

Product enhancements#

  • It's now possible to send notifications to a Slack channel of your choice whenever Codacy detects new critical Security issues in the default branch of any repository in your organization. See how to install the Codacy Slack integration for Security issues. (TAROT-2242)

    Slack integration for Security issues

  • You can now use the new Codacy Visual Studio Code extension to review and manage the issues found by Codacy for a pull request directly within Visual Studio Code. See how to install and use the Codacy Visual Studio Code extension. (ALA-549)

    Visual Studio Code extension

  • It's now possible to get an additional coverage status report on GitHub using the new faster Coverage engine. (ALA-572)

    New Coverage status report

  • In some Enterprise plans, Codacy now automatically manages people activity and seat usage for your organization. (PLUTO-647)

  • In some Enterprise plans, you can now navigate from the Last Analysis column on the People page list to the details of the last analyzed pull request or commit. The link is only available for analysis executed from Sep 11, 2023. (PLUTO-644)

  • Now, when you switch to a different plan or cancel your plan, Codacy no longer re-triggers your repositories analysis automatically. To ensure all information is updated on Codacy UI after changing or canceling your plan, re-analyze your repositories or push new commits. (PLUTO-667)

Bug fixes#

  • Fixed an incorrect popup being shown when loading the repository Code patterns page. (PLUTO-717)
  • Fixed a issue causing the repository Security monitor page to show outdated information when having security patterns applied to the used coding standard. (PLUTO-745)
  • Fixed an issue for Git providers that don't send events on main branch changing (Bitbucket, GitLab) causing an empty dashboard page and failures to analyze pull requests targeting the main branch. (IO-799)

Tool versions#

Codacy Cloud now includes the tool versions below. The tools that were recently updated are highlighted in bold:

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Last modified November 23, 2023