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Using the Codacy API

The Codacy API allows you to programmatically retrieve and analyze data from Codacy and perform a few configuration changes.

Codacy supports two API versions but we strongly recommend using the new API v3 when possible since it's the version being actively developed:

API v3 (recommended) API v2
Endpoint documentation
Base URL

The new endpoints allow you to access and manipulate the following resources, among others:

  • Analysis details, issue and ignored issue details, repository quality settings
  • Account details and API token management
  • Organization details and join request management
  • People management
  • Repository management and file details
  • Tool and code pattern details

The legacy endpoints allow you to access and manipulate the following resources:

  • Commit code quality details and deltas
  • Project details and configurations, file code quality and issue details


If you're using Codacy Self-hosted you must update the base URL of the APIs to include your Codacy instance domain name. For example:   

Authenticating requests to the Codacy API

Most API endpoints require that you provide either a project or account API token. After obtaining the necessary tokens, include them in your request headers using the format api-token: <token key> or project-token: <token key>.

For example, to make a request to an API v3 endpoint that requires an account API token:

curl -X GET \
     -H "api-token: SjE9y7ekgKdpaCofsAhd"

Or to make a request to an API v2 endpoint that requires a project API token:

curl -X GET \
     -H "project-token: c9f2feb28e780acc8dc40754978b8bd9"


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Last modified April 8, 2021