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How to configure PHP_CodeSniffer coding standards?#

By default, Codacy uses the PHP_CodeSniffer configuration on the Code patterns page when analyzing your repositories.

To enforce a specific PHP_CodeSniffer coding standard you must create a configuration file on the root of your repository that references one or more of the following coding standards:

For example, create a text file with the name .phpcs.xml to use the PSR12 coding standard but excluding the sniffs Generic.WhiteSpace.DisallowTabIndent and PSR12.Operators.OperatorSpacing:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<ruleset name="PHP_CodeSniffer">
  <description>PHP_CodeSniffer configuration</description>
  <rule ref="PSR12">
    <exclude name="Generic.WhiteSpace.DisallowTabIndent"/>
    <exclude name="PSR12.Operators.OperatorSpacing"/>

See also#

Check these external resources for more help on customizing your PHP_CodeSniffer configuration:


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Last modified August 27, 2021