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How can I change or cancel my plan?#

You can change or cancel your Codacy plan at any time. If you choose to cancel your annual subscription before the conclusion of the 12 months, your account will continue to work for the remainder of the annual billing period.

Codacy values feedback and we thank you in advance for letting us know the primary reason behind your decision to leave, whether budgetary constraints or missing deal-breaker functionality.

If you're using Codacy Cloud#

If you're using Codacy Cloud see how to change the plan and billing of your Codacy organization.

Alternatively, delete your organization to remove all its repositories from Codacy and cancel your existing plan.


If you're using GitHub Marketplace, make changes to your billing details or cancel your plan directly on your GitHub Billing page.

Plan and billing for a Codacy organization

  • To upgrade to the Pro plan click Choose plan, choose between monthly or yearly billing, and provide your payment and invoice details

  • To make changes to your Pro plan or invoice details click Edit plan details or click Edit invoice details

If you have any questions or need help with your account, please contact

Accepting new people to your organization#

On Codacy Cloud, organization owners control if team members need an approval before joining their organization. Codacy updates the billing automatically when new users join an organization.


If you're using GitHub Marketplace, this configuration isn't available and team members must always wait for an organization owner to manually approve their requests to join the organization.

Choose one of the following options in your organization Settings, page Plan and billing:

  • Allow new people to join immediately: team members with access to the organization on the Git provider can join the organization on Codacy immediately.

  • Review join requests from new people: when team members with access to the organization on the Git provider join the organization on Codacy, an organization owner must manually approve their requests to join on the page People.

    Team members that have already been invited to join the organization are automatically approved, and you can also skip the approval process for organization owners.

Accepting new people to the organization


For legacy single accounts, click on your avatar, select Your Account, and open the page Plan and billing.

Alternatively, you can also delete your account to remove all your personal repositories from Codacy and cancel your existing plan.

If you're using Codacy Self-hosted#

To help you understand how you're consuming your licensed Codacy seats, use codacy-usage-report to obtain details about the activity of the users in your Codacy Self-hosted instance.

If you decide to cancel your plan, please contact and we'll swiftly process the cancellation.

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Last modified June 8, 2021