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Files page

The file list shows all the files in your repository, sortable by six different columns:

  • Grade
  • Filename
  • Number of issues
  • Code duplication
  • Complexity
  • Code coverage

There is also a search filter available.

This allows you to keep track or focus some of your time on files with low coverage, high complexity, too many issues, or a lot of duplication that could be refactored.

Clicking on a filename opens the File detail.

Files list

The file detail starts with a header where you can see a lot of statistical information on the file:

File detail

Below that header you will find a tab selector for further information on issues, coverage, and duplication. By default you will see the list of issues in the file. On the right-hand side you can toggle between a list view and the annotated source code.

File filters

You can open each issue to get more information on it. For more information about Issues, please check the Issues page.

The coverage tab shows you which lines are covered by tests and which aren't.

As for the duplication tab, here you can find duplicated code and links to its clones.

File duplication


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Last modified April 13, 2021