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Self-hosted v7.0.0#

These release notes are for Codacy Self-hosted v7.0.0, released on April 4, 2022.

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Upgrading Codacy Self-hosted#

Follow the steps below to upgrade to Codacy Self-hosted v7.0.0:

  1. Check the release notes for all Codacy Self-hosted versions between your current version and the most recent version for breaking changes and follow the instructions provided carefully.

  2. Follow the instructions to upgrade your Codacy Self-hosted instance.

  3. Update your Codacy command-line tools to the versions with the Git tag self-hosted-7.0.0:

Breaking changes#

If you're using GitLab please review the roles of your team on GitLab considering the new permissions for project Maintainers.

GitLab defines Maintainers as super-developers:

They're able to push to master, deploy to production. This role is often held by maintainers and engineering managers.

However, until now the Codacy permissions for this role were limited to the same as a Developer. This change addresses customer feedback towards having a more seamless integration between Codacy and GitLab.


After upgrading Codacy, we recommend that you clean your browser cache and refresh the list of repositories on the Repositories list page to make sure that you're using the updated permissions:

Refreshing the list of repositories on Codacy

Product enhancements#

  • GitLab project members with the Maintainer role can now perform the following operations on Codacy:

    • Adding the project
    • Configuring the project
    • Changing the following analysis settings: ignoring issues and files, configuring code patterns, configuring file extensions, and managing branches

    See the updated permissions for all GitLab roles. (CY-5876)

  • Included ESLint 8 as a new supported tool and deprecated ESLint 7.

    New repositories will use ESLint 7 by default, but Codacy won't provide more updates for ESLint 7 and will remove ESLint 7 on April 4, 2023. (CY-5848)


    Please follow these troubleshooting instructions if the new tool ESLint 8 doesn't appear on the Code patterns page of your repositories after upgrading to this Codacy Self-hosted version.

  • The Repositories list page now displays a warning icon to improve the visibility of warnings and errors affecting the repositories. (CY-5797)

    Repositories with warnings on the Repositories list page

  • The Open pull requests area on the Repository Dashboard now displays more details about the open pull requests. (CY-5796)

    Open pull requests area on the Repository Dashboard

  • The Access management page under your account settings now also allows adding new Git providers. (CY-5795)

  • The Organization Overview and Repositories list pages have improved loading times using a short-lived cache in the user's browser. (CY-5793)

  • The Repositories list page now allows sorting the list of repositories using the available columns in organizations with less than 100 repositories. (CY-5695)

  • The Overall quality chart now allows drilling down on the information to understand which repositories require attention to improve the organization's code quality. (CY-5580)

    Drilling down on the Overall quality chart

Bug fixes#

  • Fixed an issue that caused inconsistencies on the last updated date when listing GitHub repositories. Now, the last updated date is the date of the last push to the repositories. (CY-5784)
  • dartanalyzer now supports including the packages lints and flutter_lints in the analysis_option.yaml configuration file. (CY-5626)
  • Fixed an issue that blocked re-analyzing commits made by non-authors on Codacy Self-hosted. (CY-5012)
  • The re-analyze button is now hidden on repositories that are running analysis through a build server. (CY-4205)

Tool versions#

This version of Codacy Self-hosted includes the tool versions below. The tools that were updated on this version are highlighted in bold:

  • Ameba 0.13.1
  • Bandit 1.7.0
  • Brakeman 4.3.1
  • bundler-audit 0.6.1
  • Checkov 2.0.399
  • Checkstyle 8.44
  • Clang-Tidy 10.0.1
  • CodeNarc 2.2.0
  • CoffeeLint 2.1.0
  • Cppcheck 2.2
  • Credo 1.4.0
  • CSSLint 1.0.5
  • dartanalyzer 2.16.1 (updated from 2.15.1)
  • detekt 1.19.0
  • ESLint 8.10.0 (new)
  • ESLint 7.32.0 (deprecated)
  • Faux-Pas 1.7.2
  • Flawfinder 2.0.11
  • Gosec 2.8.1
  • Hadolint 1.18.2
  • Jackson Linter 2.10.2
  • JSHint 2.12.0
  • markdownlint 0.23.1
  • PHP Mess Detector 2.10.1
  • PHP_CodeSniffer 3.6.2
  • PMD 6.36.0
  • Prospector 1.3.1
  • PSScriptAnalyzer 1.18.3
  • Pylint 1.9.5
  • Pylint (Python 3) 2.7.4
  • remark-lint 7.0.1
  • Revive 1.0.2
  • RuboCop 1.26.1 (updated from 1.25.1)
  • Scalastyle 1.5.0
  • ShellCheck 0.7.2
  • SonarC# 8.30
  • SonarVB 8.15
  • Spectral 1.2.7
  • SpotBugs 4.5.3
  • SQLint 0.2.1
  • Staticcheck 2020.1.6
  • Stylelint 14.2.0
  • SwiftLint 0.43.1
  • Tailor 0.12.0
  • TSLint 6.1.3
  • TSQLLint 1.11.1

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Last modified June 1, 2023