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Kubernetes cheatsheet#

Debugging using events#


Always check the pods and deployment versions in the namespace to make sure you aren't debugging an issue in a version that's not the one you would expect

Events are a great way to understand what's going on under the hood in a Kubernetes cluster. By looking at them you can see if probes are failing, and other important signals from your cluster.

Get events for the whole namespace:

kubectl -n codacy get events --sort-by=.metadata.creationTimestamp

Get error events:

kubectl -n codacy get events --sort-by=.metadata.creationTimestamp --field-selector type=Error

Get warning events:

kubectl -n codacy get events --sort-by=.metadata.creationTimestamp --field-selector type=Warning

Get events from a specific pod:

kubectl -n codacy get events --sort-by=.metadata.creationTimestamp --field-selector<POD-NAME>


Check all the previous releases in your namespace:

helm -n codacy history codacy

Rollback to a specific revision:

helm -n codacy rollback codacy <REVISION>

Edit configmap#

kubectl get configmaps


kubectl edit configmap <configmap-name>

Restart deployment of daemonset#


kubectl get daemonsets


kubectl rollout restart daemonset/<daemonset-name>


kubectl get deployment


kubectl rollout restart deployment/<deployment-name>


kubectl rollout status deployment/<deployment-name> -w

Read logs#

daemonset with multiple containers#

kubectl logs daemonset/<daemonset-name> <container-name> -f


kubectl get svc


kubectl logs -l $(kubectl get svc/<service-name> -o=json | jq ".spec.selector" | jq -r 'to_entries|map("\(.key)=\(.value|tostring)")|.[]' | sed -e 'H;${x;s/\n/,/g;s/^,//;p;};d') -f

Open shell inside container#

kubectl exec -it daemonset/<daemonset-name> -c <container-name> sh


kubectl exec -it deployment/<deployment-name> sh


Session Manager SSH#

When using AWS Session Manager, to connect to the instance where you installed microk8s, since the CLI is very limited you will benefit from using these aliases:

alias kubectl='sudo microk8s.kubectl -n <namespace-name>'
alias helm='sudo helm'

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Last modified April 14, 2021