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Organization Overview#

The Organization Overview provides an overview of repositories that belong to the same Git provider organization. Here you can compare their statuses and check for items that require your attention.


The Organization Overview calculates metrics and displays data only for the repositories that you have access to. This means that depending on their permissions, two users could see different results on their Organization Overview.

To access your Organization Overview, select an organization from the top navigation bar and select Overview on the left navigation sidebar.

On the Organization Overview you have three areas to help you monitor your repositories:

Organization Overview

The following sections provide a detailed description of each dashboard area.

Overall quality chart#

The Overall quality chart compares the repositories in your organization regarding grade, issues, complex files, duplication, and coverage. Each tab displays the average value for the corresponding metric across your repositories.

Overall quality chart

  • Hover the mouse pointer over the bars to see the metrics for the corresponding repositories.
  • Click the bars to navigate directly to the corresponding repository.

If you have over 8 repositories, the chart displays your repositories grouped by grade or percentage intervals:

Overall quality chart with grouped repositories


If you don't have coverage set up for any of your repositories yet, the coverage tab provides you with instructions on how to add coverage for your repositories.

Open pull requests#

The Most problematic tab displays a short list of the open pull requests that aren't up to standards and have the most potential to negatively affect your code quality. Click directly on each pull request to see more details.

Most problematic pull requests

The Last updated tab displays open pull requests sorted by the date of update with one of the following status:

  • Not up to standards
  • Up to standards
  • Analysis failed (something went wrong during the analysis)
  • Analyzing (intermediate status while Codacy is analyzing the pull request)

Last updated pull requests

Last updated repositories#

The Last updated repositories list displays the last updated repositories, sorted by reverse date of the last update. Each card displays the date of the last update and the current grade of the repository.

Click See all to see all repositories in your organization.

Last updated repositories


If you're using Bitbucket Server the list displays the repositories in alphabetical order because Codacy can't obtain the information on when the repositories were last updated from this Git provider.

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Last modified July 15, 2021