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Cloud October 19, 2018#

Product enhancements#

  • Improved the coverage UI on the project dashboard:

    • The value in the graph for coverage is now also displayed below, in the coverage issues breakdown.
    • Added color scheme dependent on project quality settings: from red to green depending on your settings, and blue if your coverage is set to be ignored.
    • Added tooltip explanations for issues related to coverage.
  • We updated the following tools:

    • Scalameta now supports Scala 2.12
    • Credo version 0.10.2
    • Checkstyle version 8.13
    • Bandit version 1.5.1
    • PHP_CodeSniffer version 3.1


  • Fixed a bug on that highlighted the wrong section on the sidebar when scrolling down.
  • Fixed Pylint broken build.
  • Fixed a bug preventing new commits from showing on a branch.


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