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Post-commit hooks#

For Codacy to check updates in your repository (new commits and pull requests) you must have post-commit hooks enabled.

There are two ways to do this: automatically or manually

Automatic setup of post-commit hook#

If you're using GitHub or Bitbucket you can let Codacy configure the hook for you. Go to your repository settings and click on the Integrations tab. There should be a switch button for the automatic setup of post-commit hooks.

Missing hook automatic setup switch button#

If the switch isn't visible, go to the Integrations tab and add the GitHub or Bitbucket integration.


Make sure that you enable the integration after adding it.

Adding an integration

Manual setup of post-commit hooks on GitHub#

To turn on post-commit hooks for GitHub:

  1. Copy the hook URL to your clipboard.
  2. Go to Webhooks & Services under your repository settings.
  3. Paste the hook URL into the field Payload URL.
  4. Select application/json in the field Content Type.
  5. Click Add Webhook.

Here's an example of how to configure your hooks on GitHub:

Configuring a hook on GitHub

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Last modified September 30, 2021